What Makes You Nostalgic: Pornstar Edition – Charlie Forde

Published September 16, 2022 tag category
What Makes You Nostalgic: Pornstar Edition – Charlie Forde

Cunnilingus Tips

Are you looking for cunnilingus tips? If you really want to give your partner a good time then cunnilingus is almost always the best way to make her orgasm.

What Women Want In The Bedroom

Are you finding it difficult trying to figure out what your partner enjoys in the bedroom? Find out how to give her the time of her life by making her orgasm with cunnilingus.

The Benefits Of Periods Of Celibacy

Tantra is not the science of sex, but the science of spiritual awakening. When sex takes place in a state of higher consciousness, it becomes a celestial experience. However, tantra is definitely not just about sex. In fact, celibacy during the initial period of tantra instructions is a definite advantage to the tantric student.

Tips and Examples for Girls: Talking Dirty to Your Guy

Most girls would love to talk dirty with their boyfriends or husbands during sex, but most often have no clue on what to say. Those who do let fear dominate them such that they cannot express themselves freely even when they can actually frame their emotions and feelings in words. Some fear that talking dirty could mess up what they have or might not go well with their boyfriends or husbands. If you are lost on what to do or say or just want some examples of talking dirty to your man, read on, I have some great tips and examples for you.

Top Reasons Why Women Buy Penis Health Cremes for the Men in Their Lives

In most relationships, women tend to assume the role of caretaker, looking out for their guys and thinking of the things that men never seem to notice themselves. This is especially true when it comes to care of the penis. For the majority of guys, a shower every day (or so) seems like all that is needed to take care of business; but men as well as women can improve their health, build confidence in their appearance, and improve their overall sense of well-being by maintaining good personal hygiene.

Dirty Talking Tips for Girls

Dirty talking is one of the sure fire ways to drive your partner absolutely insane with lust for you. There is after all nothing more satisfying than seeing your partner dizzy and boneless with pleasure and knowing that you’re the one that brought them to the brink. If you’ve never tried dirty talking before then this article should be able to give you a few cues on what to do. If you do regularly engage in such sensual play, then this will help you get new ideas on how to please your partner.

The Relevance of Dirty Talking During Sex in a Relationship

You do not need to have the skills of a sex operator in order successfully spice things up in the bedroom with dirty talk. Whether we know it or not, we have all at least once in our lives taken part in a little dirty talking during sex. Dirty talking can be anything really, ranging from soft sensual play to hardcore down right dirty sexy talk. One of the main benefits of most people embracing this act is it can ensure that you get the satisfaction you desire out of your partner in bed. This article provides readers with dirty talk tips and advice on spice things up in the bedroom.